Chap Idyzz Global is driven by unconventional habit that is stirred by technology with a goal to deliver the best services within the bounds of industrial standards.

We will continue to provide secure, innovative and solution-driven technologies that align with our objective within our operating environment both in adaptation and quality of service. We know that when we protect our privacy, we earn your trust, therefore we are ever watchful in protecting our privacy and defending your network against intrusion.

Chap Idyzz Global knows what it is like in everyday business adventure and the immense challenges inherent in those challenges. We have full understanding on the value of system integration, information sharing and positive communication towards your operational know-how.

We also take into account the disaster that a downtime in any of yours systems could cause and for that reason we do not undermine your interests.

We are in partnership with many industry known heavy weights such as Cambium Networks, iBwave, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Checkpoints technologies, and others, we are committed to providing cutting-edge, proven technologies to our clients, as well as educating and assisting with proper deployment.

Let us put our years of experience as IT consultants, network engineers and administrators, wireless infrastructure experts, and programmers to work for you. Our consultation is free, try us!

Our Main Skills

Chap Idyzz Global is an Organization that provides innovative solutions and services in enterprise networking, sales of I.T products, T.V entertainment and Travels.


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